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What is the Right to be Forgotten GDPR UK?

The Right to Be forgotten UK is the legal protection, which allows to preserve the reputation, storing information that is not considered relevant, is obsolete, or defamatory.

The legislation intends for the right to confidentiality to prevail over the right to inform.
In this sense, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) arises, regulating privacy and the Right to Be Forgotten.
Any natural or legal person can exercise their right to eliminate or de-index a link on the web.
“The protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data is a fundamental right.”

Data protection in UK

For more information, contact our specialized team

You can request more information about the Right to Be forgotten and its application to a specific case.
Our team will check if you meet the requirements for removing links, images, and videos, indicating the necessary documentation.
Contact our specialist, and we will help you start the Right to Be Forgotten process.

We make sure that your Right to be Forgotten is respected,
removing outdated, obsolete, or defamatory content.

What content does the Right to be Forgotten GDPR apply to?


Are there links on the Internet that damage your image? Contact a specialized team to apply the Right to Be Forgotten.


Are there unauthorized photos on social that are damaging your reputation? Our experts help you with data protection.


In the digital era, video can compromise your personal and work life. Contact us now to avoid it effectively.


Publications spread on the web very quickly, with severe consequences. Explain your case, and we will help you.

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