Google: Right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten in the legal world, its protection and the advent of the giant Google are realities that we all face on a daily basis.

The right to be forgotten has long been an object of interest in our country. The Court of Cassation, since the nineties, has defined it as the interest of an individual not to see his figure constantly exposed to “greater damage than the repeated publication of a news item in the past causes his honor and legitimately revealed reputation. “.

Reading the meaning adopted by the Supreme Court is simple and intuitive and is infused with a series of conflicts between rights that are not easy to resolve. Think about the right to the news, the right to privacy and therefore the right to be forgotten.

Since the birth of the Montain View giant, the right to privacy and oblivion have been different sides of the same coin. Web reputation is thus increasingly becoming the result of a complex compromise between search keys and the protection of people on the web.

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